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Who We Are

Nesto was incorporated in 2004 by K.P. Basheer as a retail venture and has captured millions of hearts over a short span of time to become the most preferred choice among customers. We have emerged as one of the fastest-growing retail chains over the years with 100+ outlets operating across the GCC and India. We attribute our growth to our unwavering emphasis on convenience and accessibility by providing our customers with top-notch products of world-class brands at competitive prices.

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Every success is the result of a dream and every dream is supported by hard work, perseverance, dedication and devotion to ensure that this dream becomes a reality. As a youngster, I also dreamed of making it big one day though the beginning was indeed a humble one. A dream which started off in the Kingdom of Bahrain has become a reality after 29 years through very many businesses, thriving verticals, over 15000+ employees and many investments in the pipeline. Let me thank our committed workforce that comprises personnel from over a dozen nations. Together, we continue to strive to excel to the next level as our dreams are now bigger. The dream that I saw has today become Western International Group where we have always believed that if one has the courage, the vision and the commitment to dedicate the best of our efforts, no accomplishment is beyond reach. Testament to this is NESTO, one of the most inspiring success stories of Western International Group.

From modest beginnings just 16 years ago, Nesto has become one of the foremost names in retail across the GCC. I have the privilege of leading a very talented and dedicated team, and we are proud to be supported by the unwavering trust of hundreds of thousands of our customers. With ambitious plans to reach out to more residential and community developments, we are entering our next phase of expansion. I would like to state that we will continue to be with the common man whose ideas, beliefs and desires reflect on our success story. We will continue to build on our unique offering of a complete shopping experience by seamlessly and ceaselessly delivering exceptional quality, variety, service & value.

Thanking You,
K.P Basheer
Western International Group

Built from a single vision.

‘‘A visionary, dynamic and hands-on leadership guides NESTO every step of the way. Constant innovators, Mr. Siddique Palollathil & Jamal Kunhi Parambath, has spearheaded the growth of the Nesto Group across different gulf regions, with insight, conviction and a passion for excellence. They leads by example and inspires a culture of integrity.’’

K.P. Jamal

Siddique Palollathil

Director's Message

A modest start, which we made in the year 2004, has come a long way to become an organization of repute and respect in the business fraternity. At Nesto we are driven by the credo “All that you need”. We offer the widest range of quality products at great value. And we do so in thoughtfully designed retail spaces that make shopping a relaxing & rewarding experience. “A complete shopping experience under one roof”. Our products are available to the customer at the best prices while our Service has emerged as the high point of our entire Business philosophy. This has made our brands preferred ones among people of various nationalities in different product categories. This has been possible because of support we have enjoyed from all our Associates, Partners and above all, our dear customers.


To become a truly global & largest retailer across GCC in the supermarket & Hypermarket Category.


To provide a Great Shopping experience and integral part of our loyal customers lives, by offering high quality shopping experience through good product, quality at even better prices.

Being amongst largest warehouse in UAE, the 439,429 square-feet facility is a key piece in Nesto’s effort to seamlessly integrate multi-level functions and real time decision making in order to maintain optimum levels of stocks at all times. Spanning more than four hundred thousand square-feet, the state-of-the-art facility — with its 35 loading bays with pneumatic dock shelters that are thermally insulated for minimal heat gain — houses grocery, footwear, apparel, and equipment all under one roof and distributes products to the brand’s own retail channels. With one of the largest fleet of modern delivery vehicles, the Group today effectively manages the stock position in its vast network of retail stores across the region. Other than being among the biggest facilities in the UAE, the warehouses also employ a large number of workers generating more job opportunities for thousands of people.


One of the most renowned names in the region’s retail industry, Nesto has evolved from modest beginnings to being a chain of over 90 outlets across the GCC. A part of the prestigious Western International Group, Nesto has set new benchmarks of accomplishment with our unique business strategy.

The brand places uncompromising emphasis on convenience, accessibility, and providing top quality products at competitive prices to customers.

This has seen Nesto establish a strong presence not only across multiple countries in the GCC but also in hundreds of thousands of hearts, in just a few years! Today, Nesto stands apart from our competitors by offering customers a unique shopping experience that they cherish and want to relive time and again.