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30 Nov 2020

Nesto unfolds a new shopping revolution at Satwa, Dubai!

We proudly announce the opening of our 85th outlet in the city of union, Satwa, Dubai as part of our group expansion plan. With this big step, we aim to serve a larger customer base with top-notch products sourced from international brands at competitive prices! With spacious parking facility, huge shopping space, and a whopping collection of all your favorite products, this brand new outlet is guaranteed to give you the best shopping experience ever! Nesto has already won the hearts of billions of customers with our emphasis on providing quality products from renowned brands at amazing offers. The founder of Nesto, Mr. K.P. Basheer believes that all you need is a beautiful dream and the perseverance, patience, and dedication to achieve it. This vision has escalated Nesto to the envious position it so proudly flaunts in the market now!